What if, when you describe a setting, that setting actually exists? What if your description is actually a recollection of the actual place? There is always a possibility that ideas are not just conceived by our own minds, but called up from a separate imaginary plane in the subconscious.

Ok, yeah, that makes absolutely no sense, but bear with me here.

I like to call this imaginary plane Terradiem, although many have other words for it. This imaginary plane consists of every setting you’ve ever thought of coexisting in harmony. It’s also where all imaginary events take place: generally, where all creations go when they will not, do not, or never did exist in the known universe. I know scientists say imagination is decided by the right hemisphere of the brain and there are actual explanations for how the mind alters images in day-to-day life (…) but I’m just referring here to how one can truly develop an imagination. It’s not like you see a fire-breathing demon in your life or amalgamations of irrationally-conceived creatures.

Here is an example I’ve just jotted down that could exist in this imaginary plane:

“It was 1973 and the space commander was ready for battle. There was just one problem: the wide expanse of jungle that lay between him and the ship. It started suddenly, a line of trees that was invisible from the far east but appeared right in front of him before he knew what to expect. The trees looked and felt like rubber, and was even as flexible as rubber, too. The commander jumped up, grabbed a leaf, and tugged on it. The leaf didn’t come loose, but the whole tree bent over because of his weight, dumping him unceremoniously onto the ground and springing back up with a whoosh. In the distance, an animal with a loud, raucous call screeched, and a slimy, smooth, blue, fist-sized coconut with pink polkadots was launched out of the thick undergrowth and hurled at the commander’s head. He caught it and broke it open, revealing thousands worth of apples in seeds. The seeds were all packed into the supposed coconut, and spilled out into the commander’s hands when he opened the container that they were confined in.”

Yes, I get that this may be very strange and not too well written, but it’s just a scenario. In this example, a rubbery jungle that was invisible from one direction and seen only up close, with tiny, slimy, blue-and-pink coconuts filled with apple seeds, thrown by animals with loud, screeching, raucous calls, is definitely not known to the human world. It didn’t exist on Earth, and the time period was 1973, which meant that it was supposed to be in the past. However, we weren’t exactly aware of any space battles in 1973 or jungles with unfamiliarly colored, patterned, and textured wildlife, so this idea would have to have sprung from somewhere, right? The theory: it is on an imaginary plane separate from reality and existence.


This is, of course, just a theory, and not even a full one. This plane could be created by you so you can access it in the future. It could be a collaborative plane between all humans where minds can call up images and events of whatever they choose from this plane. It could even be an actual parallel reality! Even if it seems pretty far-fetched, we do know your ideas change based on your experiences, but there has never been a clear understanding of how we create and develop our imaginations (from an existential standpoint). Just think about it; it could be an inspiration.