All of this–except those that take place on Earth–are on islands on a faraway planet called Terradiem. This planet is where all creations go when the setting described in the story is in the past or present, and does not or never did exist on Earth. Now, If the setting is not supposed to be on Earth, but is somewhere else that exists, then that is a different story. However, if something like this example were to show up, it would be on Terradiem:

“It was 1973 and the space commander was ready for battle. There was just one problem: the wide expanse of jungle that lay between him and the ship. It started suddenly, a line of trees that was invisible from the far east but appeared right in front of him before he knew what to expect. The trees looked and felt like rubber, and was even as flexible as rubber, too. The commander jumped up, grabbed a leaf, and tugged on it. The leaf didn’t come loose, but the whole tree bent over because of his weight, dumping him unceremoniously onto the ground and springing back up with a whoosh. In the distance, an animal with a loud, raucous call screeched, and a slimy, smooth, blue, fist-sized coconut with pink polkadots was launched out of the thick undergrowth and hurled at the commander’s head. He caught it and broke it open, revealing thousands worth of apples in seeds. The seeds were all packed into the supposed coconut, and spilled out into the commander’s hands when he opened the container that they were confined in.”

In this example, a rubbery jungle that was invisible from one direction and seen only up close, with tiny, slimy, blue-and-pink coconuts filled with apple seeds, thrown by animals with loud, screeching, raucous calls, would definitely be on Terradiem. It didn’t exist on Earth, and the time period was 1973, which meant that it was supposed to be in the past. However, since it never existed on Earth, and it wasn’t assigned to a specific place in the universe, it would end up on Terradiem.

All different creations, from different places, get their own island on Terradiem. For example, All of my stories, except 3 of them, take place on Island 222. ‘Connexion’ and part of ‘Always Read The Author’s Note’ take place on Island 221. Most of ‘Always Read The Author’s Note’ takes place on Island 220, and Omaya is on Island 223.

Terradiem is too far away to reach by humans, no matter how much advanced technology we have. It will always evade us. It could be real, it could not. Who will ever know?