Now that you know the basics, I might as well give you a summary of of the stories that start the whole chain reaction of events.


Scarlette, Lucy, and Raphael are best friends. When Lucy’s and Raphael’s parents go on a business trip for a year, they get to stay with Scarlette in her hometown of Rocklynboro, which is close to ElliAmsterdam, the famous and legendary city, where it is rumored that magic is within the foundations, ready to creep up on any unsuspecting stranger.

The three friends visit the city, where they meet a boy, nicknamed Pepper. He asks them for their help, and when they agree, he takes them to a magical world under the surface of the waking world: the Underworld. He explains how an evil villain, Dark Troy, has been stealing all of the lights in the city, and they need to get it back before the darkness creeps into the Upperworld (the waking world), travels to the Overworld (the dream world), and kills everyone in their sleep simultaneously. They embark on a dangerous and possible deadly quest to find it. However, tensions are snapping, and a careless mistake, like, let’s say, leaving a door open, could start a war that would most likely end in the destruction of the world.

Wild Call:

A kit gets lost in the wild, but she is found by a nice family, which includes Goldenkit, Snowkit, and Mintkit. They live in the wild for some time, and Peachfeather and Lionclaw, the parents, rename the kit Silverkit. However, they are killed by foxes. The kits separate, but the foxes find Silverkit and take her into the family for some reason. When they settle in a cave deep in the forest, they find several groups of cats living there. The foxes are chased out by the Lightningcats, who take in Silvermist as a trainee cat.

In the packs of cats, there are the Lightningcats, the Darkcats, the Aircats, and the Watercats. They each have their own territory, and they make sure that no one hunts in their land, because that means less prey for them. They live in peace with each other. Their ancestors, the Lightcats and the guardians that lived before them, live among the stars, and occasionally deliver prophecies that they receive from signs that they see down on the territories. When a pack leader figures out who the subject is, they banish the cat. The cat has to go on a journey to a random place, do a random thing, and only return home when the Lightcats visit them and tell them that they can go home.

Silverkit, newly named Silverpaw, joins the Lightningcats as a trainee cat, learning to hunt and fight. She finds her sisters and they live happily–at least, until the pack leader hears a prophecy about her.

When Silverpaw is finally discovered, after she becomes a battler, Silvermist, she is banished to go on this quest. Her sister, newly named Goldentail, follows her, and together they must face the dangers before them.


A girl falls from the sky, right in front of a camp of people in the forest, on an island far away from any other land. She doesn’t remember anything from her past. Somehow, she destroys a boulder threatening to crush the camp, and defeats the flame fairy living inside it. Later, when rescued by the people who built the camp, she is told that she is in Omaya, a land where the Omayans live in constant rivalry of the other group of people, the Porex. The Omayans call her Millais, which means Mint stripe, in honor of a long green stripe that runs down her leg. She meets the legendary leaders of both groups, Alledh of the Porex and Rashia of Omaya, as well as the healer of Omaya and Rashia’s sister, Poppy. Millais tries to fit in with the Omayans, but they are slowly uncovering dangerous, deadly and mysterious secrets about her past. As the tension between the Omayans and the Porex grows, the question Millais must ask herself is: where does she belong?

Seasonwood Stories:

Lucy and Sheila, who are best friends, attend GAM, the Girls Academy of Magic. The school is located in a forest with four sectors, and each sector looks like it’s in a different season (bare trees in the winter sector, leafy green in the summer sector, etc.). Suddenly, the seasons go out of wack, and everything about the Seasonwood goes wrong. The two friends are sent on a dangerous quest to retrieve the stolen Seasonbranch, the one thing that can restore order to the messed-up magic.


Dark forces drive away all of the humans, and two brothers, Rusturf and Rustboro, set out to find them. On their way, they stop at the Academy for Lone Dogs, where they meet kind, energetic Fleece (and get into some trouble along the way). With Fleece accompanying them, they set out once more to find the humans.

The enemies, the ones who drove the humans away, are hot on their tails, trying to follow them and obliterate the humans when found. The dogs realize this, but what are they going do to stop them and get the humans back?


Two foxes, Sunsetcub and Glimmercub, live with an outcast family of cats. When others come to take the cats away, the two sibling foxes are left to fend for themselves. They soon discover three fox tribes, and they decide that in order to survive, they had to join one, so they become part of the Russet Tribe. However, the foxes are getting angry when the packs of cats keep driving other foxes from their temporary homes, and they are pawsteps away from starting a battle that could wipe out the entire animal race altogether.


Anhilis, a girl from the U.S., creates a world under the Panama Canal (in her imagination) for a school project, called Peravuelti. Over the summer, she and her best friend, Liz, go to Panama for a vacation. She is swept away by a stray wave, where she is somehow transported to the bottom of the Panama Canal. When a deadly monster attacks her, she is saved by the guards of Peravuelti. She meets Lucida and her magic animal friends, Ille and Buddy, who try to protect Anhilis when she attracts more monsters. Together, they have to stop the water spirits from draining the canal (under threat of pollution), before the other water spirits around the world do the same and drain all water from the globe.

Always Read The Author’s Note:

Several kids who were childhood friends have a great life, but a virus that affects all living things destroys their home. They are all taken away by strange men. The next thing they know, they are waking up together in a wide wasteland that was once their home, where deadly monsters now roam.

They meet a lone traveler, who tells them of a safe place across the Ocean of the Sea Serpents and over the Garro Mountains of Island 221. They set out to find this place, hoping against hope that they can all make it there safely, braving the dangers together.