Hey, everyone! I’m here to tell you about books. Have you ever bought a book, and/or kept it on a shelf? Did you ever pick it up again?

Every once in a while you might re-read it, but not often. If you buy a book, you can read it a couple of times, but mostly it just sits on the shelf collecting dust. You don’t want that, so why don’t you get creative?

Take your books and put them out where anyone can see and read them. You could actually start your own ‘library’ for kids on the street! Just take a bookshelf (easier on wheels) and put it outside or in your living room, like by the TV, out on the front porch, or even next to the mailbox (which is a great spot)!*

Next, fill it with books. Try books of all kinds, like fantasy, science fiction, nonfiction, biographies, comic books, bedtime stories, and more! More varieties means more customers.

Label the books and shelves. You want to put labels on them so that people know it belongs to your ‘library’. Also, you don’t want a random jumble of books. Keep it organized.

You want a sign-out sheet of some sort. You have to make sure that your books come back. Put up a sign on the doors that lets people know that they have to sign out their books on a sheet. Have them sign their name, date, books, and genre they are checking out, so that you know where each book is.**

Set a due date. Make sure that the book is back before then, or you might want to issue a ‘late fee’! Don’t want those books to go missing forever.

Decorate! Make sure it looks nice. Sparkly stickers, nice drawings, even magnets if the cabinet has metal in it! Anything would do. Make a sign with the name of your mini ‘library’ and stick it on the front!***

Finally, enjoy. Watch how it makes people happy!


*If it’s outside, you might want to make a shelter of some sort, or at least an umbrella on top, for bad weather.

**You want to check the list at the end of each day and add new sheets to the sign-out sheet. Make sure that all of the books that have been returned are checked out, and review the list for overdue books. See if you can make a list of overdue books to put up, just in case. You also want to update it with new books, or people will get bored quickly. It is also optional to limit the amount of books each person can check out.

***If you have a lot of bookmarks (like me) or you make bookmarks, you could put them on top of or just inside the shelf! You could get some or make them, then photocopy it and put it up as free for readers to grab as they go.