Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share with you a book I REALLY liked, Inkheart. It is a stunning, thrilling tale, with action, adventure, magic, mystery, suspense, and just a touch of romance and good writing to top it all.


Meggie Folchart is a 12-year-old girl who lives with her father, Mortimer Folchart, who she has called Mo for as long as she could remember. She does not know where her mother, Teresa Folchart, is, or why she disappeared, but she’s never questioned Mo’s excuse about her leaving and not coming back. Until now.

One night when Meggie is reading, she sees a strange man outside her window. His face is shadowed, but Meggie can still see that he is staring straight at her. She gets up to tell Mo, and he tells her to go to bed and not worry about the man. When she gets back to her room, he is gone.

She hears a knock at the door and goes to open it, only to see the man who was outside her window. His face, now visible, is scarred almost beyond any possible recognition, but Mo seems to know him, and vice versa. The man, who Mo calls Dustfinger, calls Mo by the nickname Silvertongue, but Meggie does not know why.

When Mo tells her to go to bed, Meggie does not listen. Mo tucks her in and says goodnight, but as soon as he leaves she creeps out of bed to spy on Mo and Dustfinger. They speak of a book, one that Meggie does not know. They talk of Dustfinger going back somewhere, and of a man called Capricorn who is after Mo, wanting to take the book back.

When they are done talking, Meggie slips back into her room, but Mo finds out that she was spying. He tells her not to worry, and that it will all be sorted out, so that their life could go back to normal.

The next day, Meggie and Mo have to leave home unexpectedly. Meggie is a little worried this time, because the mysterious stranger, Dustfinger, has something to do with it. Meggie and Mo are to go to their great-aunt Elinor’s, to temporarily live with a person who values books over the company of other people.

Dustfinger persuades Mo to tell Meggie the truth, the entire truth, including his special abilities and what really happened to Teresa Folchart.

Meggie is both horrified and amazed at what Mo tells her. He tells her about his power, to read things straight out of a book. He tells her a story, a true but terrifying story:

One night 10 years back, when Meggie was very young, Mo was reading aloud a passage from the book Inkheart to Teresa. She was sitting with their two cats in a chair, listening to Mo’s magnificent voice, when all of a sudden she and the cats disappeared. In their place, three characters from Inkheart came out: Dustfinger, the Fire-Dancer and a supposedly minor character; Capricorn, the main villain of the story; Basta, Capricorn’s sidekick and most loyal follower.

When they are read out into their living room,they immediately flee. Capricorn and Basta begin to amass forces, while Dustfinger hates the world he has come out into and begs Mo repeatedly to send him back into the book, into his familiar world, although Mo knew that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t.

For 10 years, Mo had mourned the loss of Teresa and raised Meggie to the best of his ability. During that time, Capricorn had set out to destroy all copies of Inkheart so that he could not go back, and he now sought out the last copy in existence: Mo’s book.

When Meggie hears all of this, she secretly wishes she could do it as well, although she knows it is dangerous. Her desire burns strongly and she tries over and over again, but she just can’t do it.

When Basta and a few more of Capricorn’s loyal followers break into Elinor’s house, burn down her precious books, and kidnap Mo, Meggie, along with Elinor, embark on a long adventure to end Capricorn’s evil deeds once and for all.


There are some awesome and surprising plot twists in this book, and I hope you choose to read it! It’s really great. 😀