Hey, everyone! This is part 10 of Magic Binds. Before you start reading, I just want to tell you a few things:

  • This is not final. I am always editing, and always will be in the future, but this is not the final product.
  • I will not be posting this as often as usual. I have begun to edit the beginning, so it’ll take a while and you might not hear from me about this for a long time.
  • Yes, I know Misveri is not in this part. There are times when I show only Misveri, the three on their journey to the Dream Castle, or both. Sometimes I show characters that you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s unpredictable, but each character will reappear soon, so don’t worry.
  • I need your help. I have writer’s block at the moment. Please comment any suggestions for me! 😀

Now that that’s done and over with, time to get to your favorite part: reading! Here is the last part of the last part:


Simus and Delrany gave chase, but they couldn’t find the catnapper. They were finally forced to give up, panting, in the shelter of the shadow of the tallest building in the city.

“We’ll never find them,” Delrany cried desperately. “The city’s huge, and the catnapper could be out of the city by now!”

“It’d be madness to leave the city at this hour,” Simus reassured her. “And Stoob will be alright. It takes more than a catnapper to bring him down.”

Suddenly, they heard a loud, muffled BOOM from above. They looked up, and I followed their gaze, watched as they jumped up in horror.

Before our eyes, the top of the beautiful glass building exploded, shattering the windows and breaking off chunks. Glass shards and debris rained down, and dust clouds crowded the air, making Delrany and Simus cough. It seemed that wasn’t enough, because the damage had just begun.

The top broke off as if a giant knife had sliced through it, and started sliding off–straight towards Delrany and Simus.


This is where I left off.


Look out! I wanted to scream at them to go run, hide, although I knew they couldn’t hear me. Get out of there!

Delrany screamed. Grabbing Simus’s arm as he tried to make his way through the thick, clouded air, she darted over to an alley between two buildings, dragging Simus behind her. There they huddled, watching in silent fear as the massive building collapsed in a cloud of dust and smoke, the air pollution billowing into the air like a dense raincloud about to shower them with shrapnel.

“What are we going to do?!” Delrany yelled as she ducked to avoid a flying shard of flaming glass.

“First I have to know what happened!” Simus jumped out from under their cover, fighting through the smoke to get closer.

Delrany grabbed his arm again, pulling him back. “Are you mad?! You can’t go out there, you’ll be killed!”

Simus wrenched his arm out of her grasp. “We have no choice!”

Delrany stood, blocking his exit. “You’re not going to achieve anything by getting yourself killed. If you really want, I’ll go.”

“If you’re so sure I can’t, then how can you?” Simus scoffed, pushing past her.

“I’ve been in the teenage army,” Delrany reminded him. “I’ve been through worse.”

Simus stopped and turned around. “Still, you don’t have magical assistance.”

Delrany joined him under the dark gray sky. “We go together, then, or not at all.”

Simus nodded. “Very well. Let’s go.”

Together they weaved through the debris, Delrany using her keen eyes and sharp instincts to keep them out of harm’s way, and Simus using magic to aid their progress with speed, a weak protection spell, and blasting almost everything out of their path. Finally, they reached the building.

Delrany immediately grabbed the largest stone slab she could find and heaved it upright to shield them. “If you plan to get close to that thing,” she called to him breathlessly, shielding them from another flying stone, “we need protection. Without your magic, we’re helpless.”

Simus nodded and placed a hand against the smooth, clear glass surface, closing his eyes. He stayed like this for several minutes, while Delrany continued to heave the stone slab back and forth, blocking and sometimes destroying the rocks and glass soaring in their direction.

Suddenly, Simus gasped and stumbled back, out of range of Delrany’s protection. “Look out!” Delrany dove in front of Simus to take the blow of an oncoming glass shard, which pierced her body exactly where her heart was.

Simus caught her before she hit the ground, unconscious. Hurriedly, he sprinted back towards their cover, dodging the falling flames and darting around the piles of rubble to the safety of the alley and the unlocked door at the end of it.

Wrenching the door open, Simus laid down Delrany on the floor, yanking the blood-stained glass out of her and tossing it out of the open door before pulling it shut.

I looked around as Simus gently eased Delrany’s limp form onto a nearby cot and began to treat the wound with a healing spell. They were in a dilapidated shack, with dust and cobwebs in the corners, dirt and grime caking everything except the two living things. Spiders crawled on the walls, making homes in the many cracks in the ruined stone. Moss grew in large patches along the bare face of the wall, and a box sat in the farthest corner from the door, a wooden one falling into disrepair.

I watched as Simus finished with Delrany and walked over to the box. He, too, took in his surroundings before lifting off the rotting top with a levitating spell. He glanced inside, I with him, and he reared back in shock and disgust as a rat scampered out of the box and scurried off into a large hole in the floor a short distance away.

A horrible odor rose from the box. Holding his nose, Simus used another levitating spell to bring whatever it was out of the box, which turned out to be food so rotten I couldn’t even make out what it was. He quickly dropped it back in and turned away, disgusted.

Instead, he knelt down at the edge of the cot. “Delrany,” he whispered. “Wake up.”

He spent the night in silence.