Hey, everyone! I just want to tell you that a new thing is coming up that I just started: The Class of Catastrophe! See, my math class, and my school in general, is a crazy bunch of people struggling to survive amid pressure. My math class especially is so catastrophic that we even nicknamed it The Hunger Games: Math Edition!

I decided to type up all of our ‘adventures’ and share it with you. Therefore, I will be posting, 1 chapter at a time, each crazy event. Hope you like it!

Sneak Peek:

Table of Contents (so far, not final)

  1. The (Third) First Day of Doom
  2. Race for the Chair of Sanity
  3. The Fried X
  4. The Struggle to Survive
  5. The Candy Scheme
  6. The Pumpkin Stalker
  7. A Fatal Mistake
  8. The Closet Strikes Back
  9. To Be Continued…