I recently bought this book. I had wanted to read it for such a long time, and now I have!

Clay has lived his whole life under the mountain. The MudWing dragonet knows that war is raging between the dragon tribes in the world outside–a war that he and four other dragonets are destined to end, according to the mysterious prophecy they’ve been taught. The five “chosen” dragonets were stolen from their homes while they were still in their eggs–and hidden away for years–all to fulfill the Prophecy.
But not every dragonet wants a destiny. And when danger threatens one of their own, Clay and his friends may choose freedom over fate…leave the mountain…and set the dragon world on a course that no one could have predicted.

I really loved this book. The author (Tui T. Sutherland) had an amazing word choice and beautifully described the action in the story. Everything was clearly and properly explained, like a good story. There were exciting plot twists, and magnificent writing illustrated every scene in my mind. I can’t wait to read the rest, and I’m sure that once you read it, you’ll want to as well!