…for they will entertain you, as you’ll see.

I like to think of trees as libraries. Each branch is a subject, whether it be birds and their nests, or squirrels and their nut stores, or the life cycle of an apple. Each leaf has its own story. They could be worn away and tell the tale of a huge hurricane, the day all of the other trees around it were felled by lumberjacks, or when a butterfly landed on it and laid an egg, which hatched into a very hungry caterpillar. When a leaf falls, it is like a worn-out book. The story is transferred to a new leaf, and the old one is reused for other animals to eat or for decomposition. When a leaf is picked, it is borrowed, and returned with a different purpose, whether it be nutrients through its water in the soil, or even the soil itself through decomposition. When it changes color, it shows that the library is closing for the winter.

When snow covers it up, the tree is undergoing changes. New leaves are grown to create more stories to tell…

…and so the cycle goes on.