My three dear friends wrote a fantastic story featuring Fred and George from the Harry Potter series–for the winter issue of our school newspaper. It is from the two brothers’ point of view. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


The Marauder’s Map

(Based on Harry Potter)

by Amanda, Kay, and Jessica


It was almost Christmas at Hogwarts, and in the middle of winter. Winter time meant the third year’s trip to Hogsmeade, which meant a perfect opportunity to purchase all the Dungbombs one could want. And the Weasley twins were planning to put them to good use.

Fred swung out of the Gryffindor common room, the painting of the Fat Lady swinging shut behind him. He turned to the the right, when he heard footsteps behind him. He whipped around  to see his twin brother George grinning at him.

“Come on, Freddy bear! I just found the perfect place to put off our first Dungbomb!”

A large grin formed steadily on Fred’s face.

The twins silently rounded the hallway, another corridor, and with George in the lead, mounted a flight of stairs to the second floor. They were nearing the Slytherin common room, and stopped at a hallway that, though now deserted, would soon fill up with Slytherin students racing to supper.

Placing the bomb gingerly on the ground, obscured from view by a suit of armor, Fred waited while George remained on the lookout for the swarm of students that would soon appear. “Now!” George commanded.

With the skill and timing of a practiced prankster, Fred had the bomb set off right as the students came pouring into the halls. Suddenly, among the chaotic screams and shouts from the students, came the husky, grouchy voice that the twins knew all too well cut through the crowd.

“What’s goin’ on ‘ere?!” Filch was storming towards them, glaring at the twins, while Mrs. Norris’s yellow lamp-like eyes seemed to stare straight through them.

“It wasn’t us,” Fred defended, trying his best to hide the laughter bubbling up inside him.

“Yeah, we just came in,” George innocently replied.

“We’ll see about that,” Filch growled, taking them by the ears and dragging them to his office.

Because of the boys’ familiarity with Filch’s office (they’d been there more times than they could count), they immediately made themselves comfortable in the only two stools in the damp, dark closet. Filch scowled, facing them.

“You two know why you’re here?”

“Uh, no clue, actually,” replied Fred.

“Really?” Filch snarled. “Well, seeing as you two have already cause me too much trouble over your three years here, there doesn’t seem to be any point in telling you. Now, I’ll have to write you up once again, and we’ll decide what punishment to give you two.”

While Filch was closing his grimy drawers of track records and folders, Fred glimpsed something he hadn’t noticed before. The folder was marked with a label stating in big, formal. black letters: Confiscated/Extremely Dangerous. But before Fred could get a closer look, Filch had already closed the drawer.

One glimpse at George, and Fred knew that he’d seen it too. George fumbled with his bags, and slipped one of his other Dungbombs into his palm, lowering his bag once more.

While Filch continued scribbling on a scroll of parchment, George slowly crept up from his stool, and as Fred kept an eye on Filch, who had now turned around to fiddle with some other folders, he slid out of the open door, crept down the hallway, and dropped a second bomb. Filch suddenly leapt out of his desk, spilling ink and folders and their contents everywhere.

It wasn’t until after supper that Filch had let them out of detention, but however hungry they were, they felt too eager to find out what had been in the folder.

Once they reached their dorms in the Gryffindor common room, they flipped open the folder, and out slipped a folded piece of yellowing parchment. When George picked it up and unfolded it, they both gasped in shock at the same time.

The parchment was clean as the freshly fallen snow outside. George tapped his wand on the parchment once again, and yelled, “Do something!” at the parchment.

When still nothing appeared, George’s shoulders slumped visibly, and he was just about to toss it on the ground when suddenly lines of jet-black ink appeared on the page.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Astonished, Fred touched the words with his wand, illuminating and reading the words aloud to himself.

Suddenly, new words appeared on the parchment:

The Marauder’s Map,

courtesy of Mr. Moony, Mr. Prongs, Mr. Padfoot, and Mr. Wormtail.

Once again, the words faded into the paper, but was this time replaced with a detailed map of what seemed like Hogwarts and its grounds. The corridors and rooms were filled with moving dots, with a name attached to each one. They could see the movement of all the students and teachers of the school. They could see the entire school, and all the secrets the castle had to hide.

Fred and George looked from the map to each other, then back to the map again, their eyes gleaming brightly.

It was to be a fantastic Christmas indeed.