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I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I decided to write this little thing just for you.



Author’s Note: The names are all in Aripercet (Shadowspeak). This is the native language of Arifera (Shadow World) in a galaxy far from the Milky Way.


Dur-Herauka (pronounced Dure-Heroke-ah)–Spirit-Hunters

Carou Aulherauk–Queen Lighthunter

Aricai and Arifan–Shadowheart and Shadowfire



“Friends, foes, all listen here!”

Fangeur raised his hands high, hoping that everyone far below him on the ground could see him standing on the balcony.

It was a good day for what he was planning. The sun was shining bright, but Fangeur could see storm clouds gathering on the horizon. The weather was mild, and many of his warriors were in good spirits.

Either that would be diminished or boosted.

“Dur-Herauka!” Fangeur shouted, his voice echoing across the cheery courtyard. Automatically, everyone went silent to listen to what he had to say.

“For a while, we spirit-hunters have been waiting to strike back at the Arifera for rejecting us and choosing Carou Aulherauk to rule. She is foolish and weak, but she has the support of two young–and trained–assassins: siblings Aricai and Arifan. She is about to give them their first element mark. I have no doubt that at least one will survive, and we must stop it from happening.”

Fangeur paused, and at that moment a voice rose from the crowd. “Fangeur,” the man called up. “How could that be possible? No one has ever survived the marks. What makes you think either of those youngsters–inexperienced, for that matter–could possibly be able to use the power against us?”

Fangeur narrowed his eyes. “I know them,” he boomed, causing mutters to begin among the people. “They are strong, and I wish they could be on our side–but alas, they are not.
“These children, I know, would die to protect their queen, and with their first mark they would be powerful enough for Carou Aulherauk to send after me. That is why I must go back to being a spy soon–I will relay my orders through a secret location via my Watchpad, but I will not address you directly and no battle plans shall be made without my presence.
“Now, men, ready your spears and swords! Healers, prepare your medicines for the wounded, and families, get ready to welcome your husband, father, or brother back home! For tonight, we shall march upon the Arifera palace hall and disrupt the ceremony, leaving both children dead halfway through the marks. Prepare yourselves, for we are to attack their home base come midnight.”

Cheers erupted below, and Fangeur shouted approval.

How he hated doing this.

The boy he didn’t much care for, but Aricai…well, he didn’t like that she would die, and he certainly didn’t want it to be of his doing. But what could he do?

As the people of Dur-Herauka began to disperse, Fangeur turned around and entered his chambers. It was as big as the rest, as he had insisted that he be treated the same as his subjects. Even though he was leader of the resistance force, dedicated to wiping out the Shadow people, he didn’t have to be treated like one.

He sighed. No one knew how hard it was, being leader and dealing with all of the problems. There was no higher power to look up to, to fix all of them for him. No, he didn’t believe in deities, and neither, he thought, should the others.

His life was full of tough decisions. Although he didn’t know it at the time, the one he just made had mapped out his entire future.

But that’s another story, for another time.