Yes, I know it’s been 2 months since I last posted, and I sincerely apologize, it’s a long story involving a crocodile, a magazine, a chair, synchronized watches, some hair ties, and Disney World.


Let’s start with the question that titles this post: what is the beginning of everything?

Well, this question struck me a while ago when contemplating and comparing the size of a tiny bead to the size of the universe. I had thought to myself, Wow, we’re small compared to what’s out there. Then I wondered, What created us?

Well, some say it’s the Big Bang, as stated in the Big Bang Theory, but I’m not so sure. What created the Big Bang Theory? I had asked. Someone said there’s a theory (I’ve yet to discover) that hypothesizes that there was another universe that existed before ours.

You see, the Big Bang was an explosion that caused the rapid expansion of the universe. Even today it is still expanding, but once it’s finished, it’ll get pulled back by the gravitational pull, much like gravity holds us all down on Earth at the moment. The universe will slowly come together, closing in after it’s done growing, and eventually it will collapse on itself and everything in it, causing another Big Bang, and the entire, same exact, cycle will happen again…or so the theory speculates.

Of course, we’ll all be long dead by then, so why worry?

Well, the curious question still occupies our minds, no doubt. We all know there was a Big Bang, so if the theory were to be true, what started the first one?

Well, it could all just be an endless circle, but how could the very first Big Bang be caused by the very last one? It contradicts any notion of time.

Of course, one could argue that time does not really, just a measurable abstract thing we humans created to help us understand our surroundings more clearly–which means, actually, that time does not matter in the long run.

Obviously, though, we always need time. Why? Because we’ve manipulated our own creation to suit our needs. We’ve used it, overused it, wasted it, and so on, when it really doesn’t mean a thing.

So does space mean anything? We’ve always linked time with space, but honestly, I doubt they have any connection to each other. Space technically could be described as abstract, but humans did not create space, nor do we know how much there actually is. A time span we could predict easily. Time, amounts, and so on, it all just doesn’t make sense–humans have created this and so we could explain it. Space, however, is a whole other concept entirely.

The Big Bang, supposedly, created space from nothing, which obviously is confusing, so let’s say the Big Bang was created by what I’ll call the Big Collapse of the previous universe (I know, not too creative, but neither am I, don’t judge). Now, the Big Collapse had space from the Big Bang of its time, which got its energy from the previous Big Collapse, and so on. This Big Collapse had then fueled the most recent Big Bang–but then again, recent is a time word that I probably shouldn’t use, seeing as we could just be slow reactions of the past, or hyperspeed reactions of the future–although past, present, and future also link to time.

Ah, we’re getting off track. The Big Bang we know of, let’s say.

So the Big Collapse fueled the Big Bang we know of. But it also created all that space. Did it reuse the space? Where did it acquire that much space? I doubt we’ll ever know.

Which leads me to my next question: What was it like in between Big Bangs and Big Collapses, when there was no space at all? Or, if it all happened immediately, there must be an empty nothingness on the fringes of the universe, that rapidly moves in as the universe begins to contract. So what is it? What is it like?

I want to say that it would be weird, like all darkness or all white, as you see in the movies, but of course I doubt that is also true. My unofficial theory is that if you were to try to get to the nothingness, assuming you could survive to the ends of the universe, you’d either be bounced back and/or destroyed by wormholes, or you’d just enter a realm in which all time and space is irrelevant as you slowly disintegrate in the nothingness, then your particles are expelled from the nothingness and back into the space, warped into, well, nothing.

I know it might seem odd, you don’t have to believe it. Just throwing it out there.

Truly, there is no answer to date for all of these questions. The most brilliant scientists in the world have tried to figure it out and failed to do so, although they have undoubtedly developed several theories on the matter. I bet even extraterrestrial life forms currently unheard of are also working on it–or maybe they’ve found it, who knows.

I, personally, find it amazing that this tiny, human brain of ours can figure out so much of this, ask so many questions, wonder so many things. This brain is minuscule compared to the size of whatever universes are out there, yet it can wrap itself around these concepts and raise more and more questions and answers. Yes, it’s been proven difficult, but it can.