Alexia looked around her bedroom for her phone, rummaging through her drawers and closet, throwing her blankets off her bed, tossing around clothes in the desperate search.

“Matt!” she screeched finally, poking her head out the door to yell at her little brother. “Matt, where’s my phone?”

“How should I know?” Matt yelled back from his bedroom down the hall. “It’s your phone.”

Alexia let out a snort as she tromped down the stairs to continue the search. It wasn’t in the living room the dining room, or the kitchen.

Alexia frowned. “Did I leave it in the basement?” she wondered aloud, walking down the stairs to the gloomy place.

She shuddered as she walked on the cold tiles with her bare feet. There’s no such thing as ghosts, she reminded herself. Don’t be a baby. There’s nothing to be scared of.

Regardless, the spooky feeling forced her to involuntarily tiptoe across the floor. She glanced around, not seeing her phone, but not seeing much else either.

Suddenly, something large loomed up in front of her. It was Matt, with his dark brown hair and brown eyes. His face was pale, almost snow-white, like he’d seen a ghost, but he didn’t look terrified. He held Alexia’s phone in his hand and now held it out to her silently.

“You did have my phone, you liar!” she fumed, snatching it up, and shivered as she realized his hand was ice-cold. “And how did you come in without me noticing?”

Matt gave no sign that he heard, and just turned and walked silently to the window, staring out of it absentmindedly. “Uh, okay…” Alexia stammered, trailing off at her brother’s unusual spooky behavior. “I’ll just go upstairs now.”

Alexia hurried up the stairs, all the way to the first floor of the house, and stood in front of her door, hand poised to turn the doorknob and open the door to go inside. She froze as she heard the clicking of keys from the laptop keyboard in Matt’s room; as far as she knew, he hadn’t come up before her.

“Matt?” she whispered, easing open his door. Matt was in front of his laptop screen with his headphones on, no doubt playing a game. “How’d you get up here so fast?”

Matt paused his game and lifted one side of the headphones off his ear. “What are you talking about?” he inquired, confusion evident on his face. “I was here the whole time, playing Phantom Forces with my friends online.”

Alexia frowned again. “If you’re here, then who’s in the basement?”