In English class last month, we read this spooky thriller called “The Hitchhiker”. I really enjoyed it, and I figured all you readers would love it too. (I was going to post this in September, but thought it would fit nicely as a Halloween special for the upcoming night ((which, as I was thoroughly annoyed to realize, is on a Monday)), so here I am.)

However, when I looked up where to find the audio, for “The Hitchhiker” was originally a 1940s radio play by Lucille Fletcher, read by Orson Welles, I found that someone else had already put it up on WordPress (the blog,, started from September 2008 and appears to have ended in the October of 2014). I couldn’t find a way to reblog it, so here’s the link.

Hitchhiker Story Text (as told by cast). My apologies that it contains comprehension pages – you can ignore those. This was from my English Literature book. You’ll have to scroll down.