Hey, y’all! If you read All Hallows Eve yesterday, you probably guessed this is the answer. If you want to keep looking, go ahead and click on the link. Keep reading when you’re ready.

And now for the solution:

Go back and read the first word of each paragraph between the two lines. It should spell:

I am the evil and I will kill you in your sleep. You are a sacrifice.

What happens is the traveler goes to bed – in the same bed as the guy in the story, might I add – and is killed. The body is left for the evil that’s been preying on those in the forest.

I got the idea from this really spooky riddle I read somewhere where a friend tells his friend, who’s staying over, in the same way as mentioned above, that he will kill his friend when the friend goes to bed. The question was why the friend jumped out the window and ran away, it was because he realized what the friend really said.

^^^^Who knew before reading? ;D