Heyyy, y’all! I’ve been feeling a little guilty about not posting for you wonderful readers for a while, so, starting November 20th, 2016, I’m going to be starting a Post-A-Day session, which I call Story-A-Day because I’m posting some writing each day. It’s so far ahead because we need time to prepare out posts! I’ve nominated a few friends: pandawarrior, The Rivendell Musician (hobbitishviolin21), and roguetwister. We’re all going to be posting something every day until at least Christmas, so please go ahead and check out their blogs! I also encourage you to do this too, but you don’t have to, as explained in this picture of the email I sent to my nominations below.

I sent this email to the friends I nominated. The darker text at the bottom is my Gmail signature, don’t pay any attention to that.

So from now until I run out of stuff post, I will be posting a new story every day. It could be a short story, a continuation of something, a roleplay write-up, or, if I’m short on time, a small snippet of writing. I might even throw in a book review or other fun things! Every so often I may ask you to vote on what you want me to write, if I’m running out. Please comment if you have ideas! While my friends may not be posting stories, they’ll definitely be posting great stuff for you to read. Enjoy!