This was my last one. I almost turned this in. However, when I went to find the guidelines to double-check that everything was in order, I realized it wasn’t a scary story, just a regular random story! Now what’s the point in that? By this time it was late and I had no time to create a new short story before the deadline (I also had a massive case of writer’s block). That was when I just gave up and took out Doppleganger. I chopped off a few words here and there to shave it down to 300 words, and out it went! I haven’t yet gotten the results.

“Hold on!” my hunting partner yelled.

“I can’t!” I shouted back, feeling the rope slipping through my fingers. “It’s going to drop!”

The rope fell from my hands. I stared down helplessly from my tree as our hunting target charged right over the net. The young buck bounded off into the trees; we couldn’t catch even one deer from the herd. Who knew where the rest were.

As I slid down the tree, I heard the pattering of hooves on the leaves. I unslung my spear, then froze as I heard more. I dove to the side as the rest of the herd thundered past, then chased after them. We really needed the game, and we couldn’t go home empty-handed.

It was dark by the time I finally stopped. Slumping down under a tree, I buried my face in my hands, not willing to go home and tell my hungry family I had nothing.

I winced as something fell on my head. With a hiss of annoyance, I groped in the grass for whatever it was and grabbed it.

It was a smooth yellow fruit about the size of my fist. I used my spearhead to cut it open, but as soon as the point pierced the tough skin, purple juice burst from the hole, spattering my hands. I licked a bit off my fingers; it was a sweet liquid that reminded me of the coolness of the summer watermelon.

I cut the remainder of the fruit open. The inside was a light blue, and I scooped out a piece. It was sour, like a lemon, but I loved it.

After finishing the fruit, I scrambled up the tree and picked as many fruits as I could, shoving them into my pockets. No one in town would go hungry tonight.