Hey, y’all! So I thought up a few journal prompts the other day and I thought it’d be great to share it with you! Here’s what I’ve got so far.

  1. Write about the most exciting thing of your day.
  2. Discuss something important that you saw.
  3. Write about the work you do and why you love/hate it.
  4. Discuss a moral topic.
  5. Discuss a philosophical topic.
  6. Discuss a deep rhetorical question.
  7. Write about your hobby or favorite activity.
  8. Write about your favorite food.
  9. Write about what you love/hate to read/write.
  10. Discuss what you love or hate about reading/writing.

So there you go! Those are what I have so far. If you have any to add, feel free to comment below. New ideas are always welcome! 😀