Hey, y’all! Here’s today’s (actual) post. Now, “Curiosity Killed The Cat” was a skit I made in English class, with ideas and events contributed by pandawarrior and the other three group members (whose names will not be disclosed); all of them were actors in the play itself (pandawarrior played Gusto and a very important cat ((VIC)) hehe). I am proud to have acted out the part of Curiosity and Mystic myself (although it got a little weird when I had to fight myself LOL). Since it was just a short skit, I couldn’t put much detail into it, but afterwards I adapted it into a short story so I could show it to y’all (because it’s hard for anyone to understand my notes xD). Still, though, it’s not very good..

A little background on the characters: Curiosity is an escaped murderer who is partially insane and says “Curiosity killed the cat!” after every kill. She has two accomplices.

Background on more characters will be revealed after the characters come up. For now, here it is!

Note that it’s too long to shove into one post (and I need something for the rest of the week too). This bit is really short because I couldn’t find a spot to cut off in the middle of the next scene, which was a tad too long.

The snow-white shecat crouched over the black cat’s dead body. “Midnight is gone. The key is mine. Curiosity killed the cat!”

She tentatively pawed the dead cat’s matted, unkempt fur, her hesitant snow-white paws contrasting with Midnight’s dark color, then looked up. “You’ve done well.”

“Thank you,” came a soft voice from the shadows. “I try my best.”

There was a low growl. “I don’t understand why she gets to do all the luring.”

“Because she’s not intimidating.” The white shecat rolled her eyes.

“We have to go,” the shadow-voice whispered. “I can sense someone approaching.”

The shecat stood up, stretching. Her long white fur bushed out, and she streaked away, the other two cats following her. Midnight still laid among the grass, motionless, as the three murderers vanished into the night.