Mittens raced through the streets to the trees on the outskirts of town. He darted through the trees until he arrived at the clearing with the vault. He hid in the leaning twilight shadows, his luminous green eyes glowing brightly in the darkness as he waited for the killer.

The white shecat crept out of the trees. She caught a quick, fleeting glance of Mittens’s eyes before he blinked and the glare subsided. She thought nothing of it and made her way across the clearing to the vault. “The mice shall be mine.”

She pounced on the indolent sentry, asleep off to the side, and tore his throat out, letting his blood spray into the grass. “Curiosity killed the cat!” she whispered.

Mittens suddenly found himself frozen, immobilized with horror. He shook it off and jumped out of the shadows. “Hey, you! Stop right there!”

The shecat turned. “Ah, Mittens. You are here.”

Mittens cleared his throat. “That’s Detective Mittens.”

The cat scoffed. “I don’t care.” She gestured to the key lying in the grass. “You can’t stop me from opening the vault. Curiosity will kill you like the others!”

“Yeah, well, Curiosity is going to jail.” The tension was palpable in the air as Mittens started forward, ready to take the key.

“Not so fast.” Curiosity snatched up the key and fitted it in the lock. The door swung open with a click, and Curiosity jumped inside, slamming the door and locking it. Mittens used his own key to unlock it, and leapt in after her.

Mittens grabbed Curiosity’s tail in his teeth. She yelped in pain, and he dragged her back outside. Flinging her into the grass, he pounced on her and knocked her out with a deft swipe of his paw.

Mittens whipped out the cell phone he had taken from his humans just before he left. He began to dial the number for his detective office. “Hey, Pawlie?” he meowed gruffly. “I’ve caught the murderer. We’re at the vault. Come as fast as you can.”