I just realized it’s been a day over a month of post-a-day. I’m so happy I’ve actually been able to keep this up while juggling with schoolwork, and I’m thankful to all you great readers who have stuck with it so far.

Now, since it’s near Christmas, and I’m figuring this play might stretch to about 2 more days (because honestly I’ve got nothing), I won’t continue Arion’s adventures until the Monday after Christmas (since of course I’ll be doing Christmas stories for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

For now, enjoy part 4!

As Mittens ended the call, a flash of ginger caught his eye. He whirled around to see a fiery-orange tomcat stalk out of the shadows.

“Another victim, I see,” he rumbled. “Willow, we’ll have our paws full.”

The stone-grey she-kitten strutted after the ginger cat. In truth, she wasn’t actually a kitten, just a really small adult cat. “Yeah, Gusto. Detective Mittens is famous.”

Gusto snorted. “Of course. His death will be an even bigger shock. It might even deter future detectives like him.” With that, he leapt at Mittens, bowling him over, and tried to slash at his throat. Mittens ducked away hurriedly.

Willow snapped at Mittens’s tail. “Did you really think you could track down Curiosity? She’s the best, even if she is a little out of it.”

Mittens growled. “You’ll never get away with it!”

“That’s what they all say.” Gusto clawed Mittens’s shoulder, tearing away tufts of light grey fur.

Mittens backed away as Curiosity’s two accomplices began to corner him. As he stepped back, Curiosity, who had awoken, stuck out a paw and tripped him. He stumbled.

Is this the end?!