Suddenly, Mittens glimpsed a flash of black-and-white, then cream-colored fur blocked him from seeing what happened next.

Twilight lashed her tail as she stood in front of him.“They got your call, tom, but they asked us to help you out until they could get here. After all, we are the closest. As they say, when the mice are out, the cats will shout.”

Mystic swayed from side to side as she dodged Willow’s repeated strikes. “That’s right, hon. Can’t beat me.” She pounced on Willow, pinning her down.

Gusto was fighting with Twilight. Twilight swept a paw at him, then shoved him away. He stumbled back into Mystic, knocking her away from Willow.

“Thanks.” Willow jumped at Mittens as he tried to stand.

Mittens tried to push her away. “You will never empower me, Willow. You cannot defeat me.”

“I’m not trying to.” The grey shecat jabbed at his stomach as he reared up for an overhead attack, then darted to Curiosity’s side. The white shecat was battling with Mystic, while Twilight engaged in the fight with Gusto.

“He called reinforcements,” Curiosity yowled. “Willow, Gusto! Let’s go!”