Nephthys launched herself off the branch, shifting into the eagle she’d always used to fly. Ruffling her feathers a little, she soared through the air, her wings cutting effortlessly through the sunlight. She amused herself for a moment, watching her shadow flitting over the forest floor, before flying over the treetops.

She nearly fell back as the wind buffeted her. She wasn’t used to flying after so long on the ground, but she loved it anyway. I guess I am a bit rusty, though, she admitted to herself as she was knocked back yet again.

Beating her wings hard, she struggled to stay aloft, until finally she caught a current and the easy descent began. After a moment of pause, however, she pushed forward, exhilarated.

Before long she found herself among the rustling green leaves once more, and she could see the blue-and-black blurs of Artemis and Winter streaking through the tree trunks. A glint of russet caught her eye, among the bushes, which Nephthys assumed must have been Cara-delle. There was a soft swish; she presumed Roran must be there as well.

She landed in a bright, sunny clearing, shifting back into human form as Winter and Artemis skidded through the grass. Winter was giggling, and Nephthys was glad to see Artemis smiling, even after all the responsibility she’d had on her shoulders.

Winter careened into Nephthys suddenly, and they both fell into the grass, laughing. Nephthys pushed off the Spectre girl gently, but stayed in the grass, watching the clouds drift over the sky.

After a while she caught a glimpse of Cara-delle and Roran emerging from the bushes. They sat down, Roran striking up a friendly conversation with Artemis and Winter while Cara-delle sat silently, amber eyes trained on the shadows of the trees.

Nephthys sat up as Jason, Dee, and Amarantha burst into the clearing. “Are we stopping for a rest now?” Dee asked, sounding much more cheerful than he had been that morning.

Jason shrugged. “Why not?”

The three of them sat down in the grass as well, and Amarantha passed around some slices from a few oranges she’d picked off a tree. They waited a while, until the sun wasn’t as high in the sky, so they wouldn’t have to travel in the midday heat.

“Wait.” Nephthys frowned. “There’s only eight of us. Who’s missing?”

“Oh, Lord.” Jason stood up hurriedly. “Arion ran ahead to be with you guys.”

“We all thought he was with you,” Nephthys pointed out worriedly, standing as well.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Artemis murmured.

“Beware what lurks in the shadows,” Cara-delle growled, her eyes riveted on the shifting shadows of the trees.

“What?” Jason frowned.

Cara-delle crept forward, closer to the darkness. “Just get ready for the weirdest fight of your life.”

Any suggestions as to what the weird fight should contain? I’m random, but I need your randomness too! ;D