Hey, y’all! I just want to take the day to acknowledge that I have been doing Post-A-Day for two whole months (and no, this isn’t because I don’t have a story update today).

I know that some people find it tedious to read after a while, or just not have the time, so for anyone who’s stuck with me this far, it’s been really great to be able to get content out at a more regular basis and communicate with all of you to improve myself and share some great times.

Thank you all for being so tolerant of my weird, random style, and overall, I’m glad that I’m able to get more out to you and share with you. It’s been really fun, and I hope it will continue to be more fun in the future.

A lot of things have happened since that November day when I announced that I’d be starting Post-A-Day. I said to do it until at least Christmas, and now it’s been around 26 days (or maybe I just can’t count lol) since that goal has been hit. I don’t want to sound redundant or anything, but I’m really grateful that whoever’s reading this (meaning you), has continued to read each and every one of my insanely weird posts, and understand it in its entirety. It takes a lot of patience to that, so thank you for tolerating it all (and, surprisingly, quite a few people like it, too).

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, too. Just in November, I told myself, “Before long, you’ll have done three to four months of this, and you’ll look back on this moment and wonder why it felt like only yesterday.” And it does! November 20th, when I posted Day 1: The Laundry Basket, feels like, well, maybe not yesterday, but kind of last week or so. Anyway, it’s been so much fun doing this (especially on Day 48: Weirdest Fight Ever haha), and so many more experiences are yet to be created.

My computer mouse’s scroll option is spazzing out now, and I don’t want this to be super incredibly long (before long I’ll start making typos because I can’t speel), so I’ll finish up now. It’s been great so far, and I hope that it’ll be even better in the future with you awesome readers.

(Oh Lord teh typos…tehyre everwere)