Hey, y’all! I have some wacky sentences to share with you today! This is what happens when a teacher asks us to create sentences for a class assignment. (I’m totally not doing this in class right now because there’s totally not a substitute who’s not paying attention.)

  1. The chair and the tables are brown.
  2. Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber were best friends.
  3. Pandawarrior is a fooble, and she loves yodeling.
  4. Andrew Jackson and his kitchen cabinet plot evil plans together.
  5. Either Jefferson or Burr was to be president.
  6. Either the cat or the bunny rabbit attends Tryangle College.
  7. Either the elephant or the seal goes to the park on a daily basis.
  8. Neither Steve nor Billy likes Frank or Jerry.
  9. The schools or the court is biased.
  10. Either Frank or the erasers live in a castle on a cloud.
  11. Either Donald Trump or the democrats jump off the plane.
  12. Either the Phantom of the opera or the musicians flickered the lights.
  13. The tombstones in the box come to life at night, and so do the boxes.
  14. The castle in the clouds doesn’t like Frank or the erasers.
  15. Onionsan and some of his/her friends play in the Red Hot Chibi Peppers.
  16. Jackson and all of his cabinet eat slimy snakeskin sandwiches in the slippery kitchen.
  17. Most of the squeegies were broken and shredded into tiny pieces.
  18. Any of grumpy cat’s faces can be mistaken for potatoes in tornadoes.

THESE AREN’T TYPOS. They’re more the products of two insane minds.

Pandawarriordragondramaticx, and The Rivendell Musician are posting theirs as well. I did these with The Rivendell Musician, but it’ll be funny to read them a second time! lol