Hey, I’m back with nine more wacky sentences for a total of 27! They just never seem to end >:D

  1. Minnie Mouse stole my clarinet and put it in the band room on Halloween Day.
  2. The Metal Fried Xs like to think they look absolutely fabulous when dancing.
  3. Gian and Mia love frogs; they especially like squishy ones. (Inspired by my friend Gian, who loves squishy frogs irl.)
  4. Nobody has the stick, so everyone is allowed to ride the llamas.
  5. Someone is here, but this person keeps using big words, like “honorificabilitudinitatibus.”
  6. Anyone is welcome, even the giraffes, but Frank and Jerry are not coming. (This is a reference to sentence 8 from yesterday. No one likes Frank and Jerry. Apology to those who are actually named Frank or Jerry.)
  7. Tibbles and Nibbles come to me for paper, but once, I gave them a doorknob.
  8. Dooglas didn’t think I would forgive her for the severed foot prank, but I did anyway, and even gave her a nuclear heat lamp to show my efforts.
  9. The markers and I make a formidable team, especially because the brownies are shared between us.

For those of you who remember what I read to you, yes, I did change up number 8 a little, but only a little. For everyone else, here’s yesterday’s 18 sentences.