How could you say that?! I totally didn’t have a field trip today that lasted way longer than it should have. Are you suggesting I have way too many activities that take up all my time? I’d be inclined to say you’re right, but I’m supposed to be disagreeing with you, so HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT?!

Anyway, enjoy this random story prompt.

Picture yourself standing at the edge of a grassy cliff looking over the calm, serene ocean stretching out in front of you. You’re watching the moon rise, the person you’ve always wanted to see it with sitting right beside you, fingers playing with the long blades of grass. You love the perfect scene, but a thought runs through your mind suddenly, as you realize you’re missing something really important. As if you’ve forgotten something you shouldn’t have been able to forget in the first place….

For more interesting plots, you can check out Kay’s blog! She’s really good at it. The one above isn’t hers, but she still does it WAY better than I do.

(NO, Kay, don’t spam the comments about how you think I’m lying, like you did last time. It’s true. You ARE better at writing prompts than I am.)