I got this from a lesson my Reading and Writing teacher did for the past week or so. I loved this mystery, where we, as students, got to play detective and solve the mystery of who killed Arthur, why, and how. Since we didn’t actually get a why or a how, I changed it up a little.


Case #020617


At five-feet-six and a hundred and ten pounds, Queenie Volupides was a sight to behold and to clasp. When she tore out of the house after a tiff with her husband, Arthur, she went to the country club where there was a party going on.

She left the club shortly before one in the morning and invited a few friends to follow her home and have one more drink. They got to the Volupides house about ten minutes after Queenie, who met them at the door and said, “Something terrible happened. Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink—he still had the glass in his hand— and I think he’s dead. Oh, my God—what shall I do?”

The autopsy conducted later concluded that Arthur died from a wound on the head and confirmed that he’d been drunk.

All the evidence you need is in this report AND in the picture. You cannot use just one.

Furthermore, a little background information that might help you out:

  • Queenie and Arthur were in the process of filing divorce papers at the time.
  • Arthur was $35000 in debt.

Can you find out what really happened? Who killed Arthur, how, and why? I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow.