This is the answer to yesterday’s mystery. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you go back and read it now.

I bet most of you called Queenie guilty, didn’t you?

She was innocent.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see eyes behind the potted plant to the right of the staircase. It took me a while to see it (think optical illusion). The murderer was in the house with them, hiding behind the plant.


You just checked for eyes, right? It’s hard to see in black and white, but all the colored pictures are low quality.



Whoever said she was guilty, you’re right.

The first piece of evidence we must look at is the position of Arthur’s body. Queenie said he was going down the stairs when he fell. Therefore, wouldn’t he be on his face? Furthermore, if he did fall, his head would have hit the carpet it is currently resting on, which would have dulled any severe brain damage and wouldn’t have killed him. We must also look at his clothes and the objects on the wall; if he had fallen, his clothes would be in some way disheveled, and the objects on the wall knocked askew from his flailing as he fell. Queenie also mentioned that the glass was still in his hand, but if he fell, he would have let go to try to save himself, and it would have broken. Even if he didn’t let it go, his hand would have relaxed, no longer holding it after he died. All this evidence points to the fact that he did not actually fall down the stairs, and that his body was positioned that way. This entails that either Queenie was mistaken, or she was lying.

The second piece of evidence we must look at is the kitchen background. There are frying pans hanging on the wall pegs, and one is on the stove, cooking/heating food. Either Arthur or Queenie must have been cooking. It is possible that Arthur was hit from behind while cooking, or that Queenie was cooking at the time of the murder.

The final piece of evidence we must look at is their background. Earlier that night, Queenie had left after a serious fight with her husband. As provided yesterday, it is now known that Queenie and Arthur were planning a divorce, so it reveals that they have some arguments. This could prove to have been a possible motive for Queenie to kill Arthur.

And you have to admit, taking ten minutes to call the police after finding a dead man in your house is a little suspicious.

We weren’t actually given a why or a how, so I formed my own theory. Queenie came home after inviting her friends to have another drink. While she was cooking for her friends, she heard Arthur get up. Now, take into account the fact that they’re both drunk, or at least partially drunk. My theory was that when Arthur came into the kitchen, Queenie didn’t want him to see her cooking for her friends so early in the morning and get mad, so she grabbed a pan from the wall to knock him out with. However, since she was drunk, she didn’t anticipate how hard she would swing the pan and couldn’t control the force behind it. Therefore, she hit Arthur on the head so hard she caused severe brain damage and his death. Upon realizing what she had done, and not wanting to be persecuted for her actions, she positioned his body on the stairs to make it look like an accident before her friends showed up and saw what she’d done. However, she left the scene too perfect to ignore, and was caught anyway.

I hope you enjoyed that little mystery! It was certainly something new, but I like to change things up a little. After all, this is practically a mystery story in itself.