Hey, y’all! Guess what day it is?

It’s Monday.


Now, I understand that here and there, I have missed a few days, but I hope that hasn’t been too aggravating. I know, I did say I’d try to post every day, but I don’t always have something in advance, and sometimes my schedule is so packed that I just completely forget (that happens with a lot of things, actually, because I have one of the worst memories on the planet).

I tried varying things up a little. New short stories here and there, some writing tips, a mystery, some awesome music…I don’t want the same thing, day after day, because not only does it become monotonous and boring, it also defeats the purpose of the blog itself: to try something new and be creative about it. It’s hardly creative if I don’t vary my content a little.

I have to thank all of you reading this right now, because you’ve been able to put up with all my random nonsense from day to day, and read my insanely long posts. If you’ve even gotten this far, thank you so much. It means a lot to me, knowing I’m actually writing this for someone and not just as a lonely little personal memoir that no one will ever read.

Right now we’re at 76 people reading this altogether (or, at least, that’s my follower count, even if not everyone does read this), and I’m SUPER grateful, because that’s all you. I love being able to put my writing out to those of you who read them, and it makes me happy to see how many people actually like it. To those of you with large follower counts, 76 may not seem like a lot to you, but it’s a long way from the 0 I had two years ago. True, it’s not much growth either, but I’m still thankful for it all. To me, you’re not just followers, not just a number; you’re friends, even if we’ve never actually talked in person.

So, again, thank you so much for putting up with me every single day, tolerating my randomness, weirdness, and nonsense in every post. From goats to talking foxes to crazy sentences, I’m glad you’ve all stuck with me this long. It’s been really fun to find new things to put out to you, crazy or not, and I hope I can keep doing this for a long time coming. 🙂