You know you’ve messed up when you’ve procrastinated writing the next part of your story for so long that you’ve forgotten what was going to happen next, and that you missed almost a week of Post-A-Day.

Here’s the last part, if you need a refresher, since it’s been almost a month.

Anyway, happy belated birthday to Dr. Seuss (yesterday)! As he once said, “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!”

(Oh, that thinking of mine got really weird really fast…Day 48: Weirdest Fight Ever)

“We’ve been called to help out a guy we know in Miami,” Jason told Arion, Nephthys, Caddie, and Artemis as he hefted his backpack over his shoulder. “Sorry we can’t help any further, but contact us if we can do anything.”

“Tell us again what Greg messed up so badly that he needs to call us in for it?” Dee asked as he rifled through his own pack.

“He said something about a hurricane and blue lightning,” Amarantha chimed in from where she stood by the door, ready to go.

“Isn’t lightning already blue?” Arion pointed out with a frown.

“Not electricity blue,” Amarantha replied. “He told us it was, like, unnaturally blue. Freaked people out, hit the ground a whole lot – and the weirdest bit? The sun shone right through the clouds as though nothing was covering it.”

“That is freakishly weird.” Nephthys shuddered. “Sounds like one of those practice sessions Diantha and I used to have on that old stump in the forest. It was pretty quiet out there, so we could use our power in peace.”

Arion looked over at her, surprised, although she didn’t notice. He had never heard he talk about her dead sister before; as far as he knew, she’d defeated her in the last war, whenever that had been. He recalled Dee mentioning that she had nearly killed herself in the process, which meant Diantha must have been incredible powerful.

“Yeah, well.” Jason grimaced. “If Diantha’s returned from the dead, we’ll let you know.”

“If we don’t die first,” Dee laughed. “We usually end up in near-death experiences when weird stuff happens.”

“Not even when weird stuff happens,” Amarantha giggled. “We just find trouble anyway, no matter what goes on.”

“If that happens, Greg’ll tell you. Even if he’s in the fiery pit of doom.” Jason began to laugh too, and before long they all were.

When the laughter had subsided, the three teenagers were ready to go. They gave each other quick goodbyes. “We’ll be back soon, even if we have to go against the laws of nature to do it.” Jason grinned as he opened the door, giving them a quick little wave before the three jogged down the street and disappeared into the trees.

Nephthys turned to the other three. “Well, I suppose we should start the plan, then. Get some territory back for the hybrids, and all that.”

“It’ll involve fighting,” Caddie warned. “I’ve been around lately, talking to people, and I’ve been in contact with some human plants. The humans have built a whole expansive civilization, and now that they’ve taken over everything and violently driven everyone else out of their homes, they won’t take kindly to anyone trying to get it back.”

“Then I suppose we’ll start with fighting training, no?” Nephthys turned to Arion. “Jason told me you had some difficulty swinging my sword. Now’s the time to change that.”

“I don’t know,” Arion said uneasily. “Fighting isn’t my forte.”

“Yeah, I know.” Nephthys grinned. “That’s why we’re going to make it one.”