Hey, y’all! I just updated the Story Starters page, if any of you want to check it out. I added about 17 of them, but they’re not really mine. This time I took from my inspiration list – a compilation of random inspirational stuff I collect in case I hit a writer’s block. Pretty much all of them are just YouTube comments on random stuff, for which I have provided the current username, but there are some game quotes in there too. Here are some of my favorites!

24. “We are everywhere.
We will find you.
And we will run away from you.”
~Potato People

27. “Here we are at the Eleventh Hour. I wonder if the big clock has reached zero yet…I want to be right here when everything ends, so please leave me be. We are running out of time.” ~Clock character from the game OneShot

28. “I don’t want this adventure! I don’t want to talk to that flower, I don’t want to fight the king, I don’t want to get dunked on, I don’t want to kill things, I don’t want to break down crying! I just want to stay here and eat pie with this nice person who saved me!” ~(Adapted from) Xiao Andy

29. “*Exam is suddenly placed on your desk!* [FIGHT] Exam loses 2 HP. *You punched the desk too hard.* You lose 2 HP. Exam: “What is the powerhouse of the cell?” (Attacks) *The teacher examines you closely.* [ACT] *Check* Exam – ATK 10 DEF 10 *Seems to be of the biological studies variety.* Exam: “Describe the medulla oblongata.” (Attacks) *Time is running out and the exam is still blank.* [ACT] *Write* *You write “Squirrels” on the name line. You aren’t sure if that’s correct.* Exam: “Who was Christopher Columbus?” (Attacks) *You peer at your neighbor’s test.* [ACT] *Negotiate* *You kindly ask the exam for the answers. It doesn’t respond. How rude.* Exam: “Cheating is against policy.” (Attacks) *The exam is almost over.* [ACT] *Excuse* *You stand up and give the teacher a non-specific excuse. The teacher tells you to sit down.* Exam: “You should have studied more.” (Attacks) *At this point, the exam is over and you haven’t written a single thing.* [MERCY] *Spare* YOU WON! *You earned 0 XP and 30 gold.*” ~dragonball4ever2009

31. “Who needs friends!? I got KNIVES!
I-I’m out of knives…”
~Mad Dummy, Undertale

34. (About someone who went missing) “Shh.. It’s rude to talk about someone who’s listening.” ~Undertale Gaster Extra

36. “I could imagine this in a town where everything is super happy, but each time you talk to a NPC, it gets darker and more distorted. The NPCs could also have a hidden message… That would be scary.” ~Aubreygirl1115

37. “This is An Ending… but is it the one you wanted?” ~shockraid1

Of course these are not all of them, but there are more on the page, so feel free to check them out if you want! 😀

(Also Happy Mother’s Day to you awesome moms out there!)