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Story Starters

Looking for a good story starter? Look no further! If you’re ever in need of a good opening, I have a few here for you to choose from. You could customize it any way you want, or it might just simply give you inspiration. You could even turn it into a Mad Lib!

Note that when I say animal, humans are included in this content.

Have any ideas? Comment!


1. (Name) cautiously stepped over the (object) and glanced around to see if anyone was watching. He/she then rushed over to the (object) and began to (action) it. While he/she was working, he/she didn’t notice (object or person) creeping up on him.


2. (Name 1)‘s eyes widened in horror. “How could you be so foolish?!” he/she hissed angrily. “I can’t believe you’d do something like that!”

(Name 2) shook his/her head. “It’s not what you think,” he/she protested meekly.

“It’s exactly what I think!” (Name 1) snapped. “You’ve doomed us all! Thanks to you, the (object) will be destroyed, and all of the (species or objects) with it! We’re all going to die,” he/she wailed, pacing around the room, then whirled on (Name 2). “We’re all going to die, and it’s all your fault!”


3. The (animal or personified object) moved around the room, observing everything. Hmmhe/she/it thought to himself/herself/itselfI wonder how I could get out of here using these objects.

He/she/it scanned the items he/she/it had assembled in the center of the room, and began stacking them, taking inventory: a(n) (object), some (plural object), three (plural object), and a(n) (object)There’s no way I could get out like this, he/she/it grumbled to himself/herself/itself.

He/she/it began to doubt that theory. Maybe I can….


4. (Animal – not human) couldn’t believe his/her eyes. The cage door had been left open! This was his/her big chance. He/she (past tense action) his/her (body part – ex. feathers, fur, paws, etc) and decided…


5. The footprint was the biggest one (Name) had ever seen. What had toes like that?


6. The king/queen looked down from his/her throne and scowled. “Get this creature away from me!” Immediately, the guard grabbed the (animal – not human) and ran to the (place/object – ex. window, dungeon, hallway, etc).


7. Our cat, (Name), is sometimes too smart for his/her own good.  Take last Sunday when we couldn’t find him/her for hours. He/she finally came home covered in (substance).


8. It was so dark that (Name) couldn’t tell the difference when he/she closed his/her eyes. “How did I ever get into a mess like this?” He/she (past tense speaking/thinking action), as he/she heard the (sound) of a(n) (living thing) behind him/her.


9. (Name)‘s eyes opened wide as he/she exclaimed, “Where on earth did you get a(n) (object/living thing) the size of that?!”


10. The old (person – ex. farmer, gardener, lady, man/woman, etc) dug deeper in his/her garden. Thud. The shovel hit something hard. He/she dug some more. There in the dirt was a…


11. Some days seem to last longer than others, especially when everything goes wrong. Take Friday, for example. The trouble started when my pet (animal – not human)(Name), got stuck in the (object/place – ex. chimney, bathroom, toy box, etc).


12. The unlikely friendship between a(n) (animal) and a(n) (animal – not human) inspired a film maker to make a movie about them.


13. (Name) always wanted to work in a zoo, and he/she finally got his/her wish! It just didn’t turn out the way he/she wanted when he/she entered the (place).


14. The lifeguard stood high in his/her chair and blew his/her whistle wildly. He/she had to warn the swimmers of the (adjective) (object/animal – not human – ex. shark, drill, etc) lurking among them in the waves.


15. The beehive hung from the roof’s edge like a large grey balloon. The wind began to blow fiercely and the trees swayed. My (family member/friend/companion – ex. sister, brother, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, best friend, pen pal, project partner, etc) shouted, “Oh no, look! The bee hive is (present tense action)!”


16. As we sat in our tent after a long day on a safari through the African plains, a(n) (animal – not human) suddenly ran through and grabbed our (object)!


17. The hole in the side yard seemed to get bigger and wider every day. I decided to spy through my window, and to my amazement, I caught sight of…


18. (Name) crept through the dimly lit hallways of the underground haven in the desolate wasteland he/she‘d been banished to. It just wasn’t fair! Why should he/she be blamed for the (event)? All he/she did was (action). Yet here he/she was, trudging through the dark, mysterious dirt-and-stone hallways.

He/she paused. Was there something moving out there? He/she tiptoed closer, heart pounding so loud he/she bet it could be heard across the (large place – ex. mountains, desert, wasteland, ocean, lake, etc), even over the (disaster – ex. storm, tornado, hurricane, etc).

“Who’s there?” he/she called out hesitantly, voice quavering with (feeling – ex. fear, anticipation, anger, etc).

He/she suddenly shrieked as a(n) (animal/fictional creature) loomed out of the darkness. Whirling around, he/she raced away, the (animal/fictional creature) in pursuit.

He/she skidded to a stop as he/she came to a dead end. “Go away!” he/she wailed, backing up until she was pressed against the wall.

The (animal/fictional creature) rounded the corner, (present tense action – ex. snarling, smiling, glaring, etc) at him/her. Suddenly…


19. “Throw it!” (Name 1) yelled to (Name 2).

(Name 2) launched the (object) into the air. (Name 1) stretched to catch it, but tripped/slipped and fell. (Name 2) skidded to a stop, watching the (object) about to hit the ground, and lunged forward, trying to catch it before it (past tense action – ex. exploded, cracked, dissipated, etc.).

Suddenly, a (body part – ex. hand, tentacle, etc.) stretched out from (direction) and snatched up the (object), pulling it back and out of sight.


20. “You have a choice,” the (adjective) voice told (Name). “Sacrifice the (boy/girl/animal/object dear to the addressed character), and ultimately save everyone else, or sacrifice yourself to save (boy/girl/animal/object dear to the addressed character).”

(Name) hesitated, then stood up. “I don’t want to do this, but…” He/she sighed wearily. “Everything for the greater good.”


21. “Life is not about hard work. Life is not about play. Life is about adventure. An adventure of your greatest fears, and of the good times. You sit here, on the computer. You sit there, nothing felt. Where is your adventure? Is it a mountain to climb? Or a sea to dive into? A forest to explore? The sky to free fall? Or perhaps a drive to the city? Maybe. Look around. Alone, no one to share these ideas and future memories. So you need not an adventure, merely a journey. Travel to the town with family. A movie with your friends. Or a clear night and a campfire in the backyard. They only stay for so long, an instant. Make those moments memorable. Smile. Now Go.” ~Patryk Rogut


22. “Isn’t It Beautiful? I mean, look. Look at the city lights. Each shining light is a human, no different than you or I. Look again. See the stars? Those twinkling lights are our ancestors. They made sure you are here to watch. Again! See the horizon? That is the future, never ending, with no probability of the obstacles in your way. See? Now the city has a new light. These are your closest the ones who cheer you on, and make the heart warm. The mountain’s stars? Those are your future challenges, cold and intimidating. They are but hills to the Everest, the greatest challenge. The trees and blooming flowers? Those are the anchors and new hopes, to help you on your way, and to give you a motivation. Watch the night sky. Those are the possibilities, as infinite as the stars. Watch time fly by. A blink of an eye, and years go by. Why? Because this is life. A light, a night sky, a mountain, a field, a forest, a city of lights. Isn’t It Beautiful?” ~Patryk Rogut


23. “Leaving Shelter. My first time alone, To see the world. I hopped onto the plane, and when it took off, I was breathless. It scared me, that feeling. It’s the feeling that also spurred me onward. I could see for miles. Endless miles of sand and dead foliage. But now, I could see greener pastures. I soar above the clouds, and the ocean of them is endless. It is an adventure to get to the adventure. Makes you realize you are not alone. There is no ‘your world.’ Just the one you know. And the first step to finding out more about the one you, and I, know, Is to be Leaving Home.” ~Patryk Rogut


24. “We are everywhere.
We will find you.
And we will run away from you.”
~Potato People


25. “Money. That is our restitution. The very thing we fought from the people who sent us to fight in the first place. How? How does it make up for what was done, what was lost? We have spilled blood. The blood of strangers. Enemies. Friends. Family. Innocents. And yet we still play the games for them. Those who have lost nothing. Why are we to suffer for what they started? Why are we to be recompensed so little? Those that start their own battles, fight their own. And yet…. we still fight. Why? Honor? Glory? Freedom? Victory? For who? Us? Or them? I salute you for you service sir!!” ~JustCruzinn


26. “You think you can manipulate me like a puppet? Well, think again.” (Imagine)

“There are no strings on me….” ~Felipe Vanderlaat


27. “Here we are at the Eleventh Hour. I wonder if the big clock has reached zero yet…I want to be right here when everything ends, so please leave me be. We are running out of time.” ~Clock character from the game OneShot


28. “I don’t want this adventure! I don’t want to talk to the villain, I don’t want to fight the king, I don’t want to get fooled, I don’t want to kill things, I don’t want to break down crying! I just want to stay here and eat pie with this nice person who saved me!” ~(Adapted from) Xiao Andy


29. “*Exam is suddenly placed on your desk!* [FIGHT] Exam loses 2 HP. *You punched the desk too hard.* You lose 2 HP. Exam: “What is the powerhouse of the cell?” (Attacks) *The teacher examines you closely.* [ACT] *Check* Exam – ATK 10 DEF 10 *Seems to be of the biological studies variety.* Exam: “Describe the medulla oblongata.” (Attacks) *Time is running out and the exam is still blank.* [ACT] *Write* *You write “Squirrels” on the name line. You aren’t sure if that’s correct.* Exam: “Who was Christopher Columbus?” (Attacks) *You peer at your neighbor’s test.* [ACT] *Negotiate* *You kindly ask the exam for the answers. It doesn’t respond. How rude.* Exam: “Cheating is against policy.” (Attacks) *The exam is almost over.* [ACT] *Excuse* *You stand up and give the teacher a non-specific excuse. The teacher tells you to sit down.* Exam: “You should have studied more.” (Attacks) *At this point, the exam is over and you haven’t written a single thing.* [MERCY] *Spare* YOU WON! *You earned 0 XP and 30 gold.*” ~dragonball4ever2009


30. “Imagine, like, the Shyren being the only monster left, all the rest are dead. And she just sits there crying, slowly singing this song.” ~Youtube Junkie


31. “Who needs friends!? I got KNIVES!

I-I’m out of knives…”
~Mad Dummy, Undertale


32. “I’m the hero this world deserves, but not the one it needs.”


“I’m the hero this world needs, but not the one it deserves.”

(Depends on hero’s personality)


33. “(Ring… ring… ) Hello! Can I speak to G… …Wait a second. Is this the wrong number? Oh, it’s the wrong number! The wrong number song! We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong! Oh it’s the wrong number! The wrong number song! We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong! (Click…)” ~Undertale


34. (About someone who went missing) “Shh.. It’s rude to talk about someone who’s listening.” ~Undertale Gaster Extra


35. “The town where everyone smiles. The town where everything seems okay. The town where people laugh their worries away. The town where it seems there are no problems. T h e  t o w n  w h e r e  h e l l  i s  t h e  d e f i n i t i o n.” ~Ashley Music


36. “I could imagine this in a town where everything is super happy, but each time you talk to a NPC, it gets darker and more distorted. The NPCs could also have a hidden message… That would be scary.” ~Aubreygirl1115


37. “This is An Ending… but is it the one you wanted?” ~shockraid1

For regular story prompts to ignite your imagination, my friend Kay runs Daily Prompts For The Soul with incredibly inspirational prompts.

Hope you like it! More coming soon. 😀



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